Create reusable audience segments to make personalizing content simple.

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Segments are collections of visitors that match one or more rules that you define. For example, new or returning visitors, visitors in a particular geographic area, or visitors with specific explicit attributes. You can use and reuse Segments when personalizing visitor experiences such as with Smart Content or form submission actions.

Creating a Segment

To create a Segment, visit the Segments area, click +Create a Segment, and configure the following options:

  • Segment Name - Give your Segment a descriptive name that will help you identify it when personalizing content for that audience. Example: "Returning Visitors" might describe visitors whose last visit was over a week ago.

  • Rules - Add one or more rules that capture your desired audience. You can segment visitors by explicit attributes collected through form submissions or implicit attributes such as geolocation or page view history (for Team account plans and higher).

Viewing Segment data

To see a sampling of visitors who match your Segment rules, click the Visitors tab. Only the 100 most recent visitors will be sampled at first, but you can increase the sample size to 1,000 and 10,000 with the Increase sample size button.

From this screen you can also see content that is personalized based on the Segment by viewing the Smart Content and Forms tabs respectively.

Personalizing with Segments

When personalizing content such as Smart Content or form submission actions, you can choose one or more of your existing Segments. You can also combine Segments with additional rules for even greater flexibility.

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