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Users in Clive

Get started with adding users to your Clive account.

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Creating users

To create a user, click the Admin button and select Users. Click the Create a User button and configure the following fields:

  • Name - Enter a name for your user. This name will be used to identify them within Clive.

  • Email Address - Enter a valid email address for your user. Users will log in with the email address provided for them in Clive. If they're logging in with Google or Cascade CMS, the email address must match the address associated with their Google or Cascade CMS account.

  • Role Type - Choose a role type for your user, Administrator or Limited. (See "User roles" below for more information.)

When finished, click the Create button. The user will receive an email containing a link to set their password. Each password set/reset link expires after 2 hours, but the user may visit the password reset screen where they can request a new link at any time.

User roles

There are two user roles within Clive: Administrator and Limited. Administrators have the ability to view and update any and all sites, users, and content in Clive. Limited users will be limited to updating content in their sites.


  • Admin - create, edit, and delete users.

  • Sites - create, edit, and delete sites.

  • Visitors - view all visitor information.

  • Content - create, edit, and delete all content.


  • Sites - Switch between sites they have access to.

  • Visitors - view all visitor information.

  • Content - create, edit, and delete content in sites they have access to. Note that some data such as visitor data and autoresponder emails are not site-specific and can be accessed from any site.

Adding users to a site

You can give users access to only the content they need by assigning them to one or more appropriate sites.

To give a user access to a site:

  • Click the Sites button and select View All Sites.

  • Select a site and click the Edit button.

  • Under Users, choose users to add or remove from the site.

  • Click Update.

Users can switch into sites they have access to under the Sites dropdown menu.

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