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Autoresponder Emails in Clive
Autoresponder Emails in Clive

Create emails to automatically respond to form submissions.

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Creating an autoresponder email

To create an autoresponder email, visit the Forms > Autoresponder Emails area and click Create an Email. Configure the following fields:

  • Name - Enter a name for your email. This will be used to identify the form inside Clive and is not the subject line of the email (see below).

  • From name - Enter the name that should appear in the "From" address of the email.

  • From email - Enter the email address that should appear in the "From" address of the email. Replies to the autoresponder will be sent to this address, and you must verify the address belongs to you (see Verifying your From address below).

  • Subject - Enter a subject line for the email. Use the placeholder button ( { } ) to personalize your subject line with information submitted by your visitor such as their name.

Finally, enter the body of your email using the WYSIWYG editor under Email Content. You can copy and paste content, including publicly-hosted images, into the WYSIWYG visual editor or the source code.

The Insert Placeholder dropdown menu allows you to personalize your email with information from a user's form submission such as their first name or email address.

To insert a placeholder for a form field value, choose Form Field and select a form and the name of the field from the dropdown. The value the visitor submitted for that field will be displayed in the email.

Verifying your From address

Before you can use an email address as the From address in an autoresponder email, you'll need to verify that it belongs to you.

In the email preview screen, you'll see the words "Not verified" under the From field if the email requires verification. Click the link below that message to send a verification email and instructions to that address.

Once your address has been verified, you'll see the word "Verified" in the email preview screen.

Viewing email deliveries

To check if your autoresponder email was delivered to recipients, visit the Forms > Autoresponder Emails area, select an email, and then select the Email Deliveries tab.

Each email sent will list the time it was sent, the recipient, and the status of the email:

  • Sent - the email was sent but no delivery confirmation was received

  • Delivered - a delivery confirmation was received

  • Bounced - the email was not delivered, and additional information about the type of bounce error may be supplied (examples: a full mailbox or an email address that doesn't exist)

  • Rejected/Complaint - the email was rejected by the recipient (manually or automatically) or a complaint was sent (example: the email was marked as spam)

Using autoresponder emails with forms

To respond automatically to form submissions with your email, visit the Forms area, create or edit a form, and select the appropriate email from the Email responder dropdown.

Your form must contain a Visitor Email field to use an autoresponder.

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