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Custom fields in Clive
Custom fields in Clive

Create custom fields that can be shared and reused in your forms.

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Custom fields allow you to save a form field and its values to share and reuse in your Clive forms. This is particularly useful when maintaining lists in a dropdown or a multi-select field. Update the Custom Field, and all forms that use that field will reflect those changes.

Creating custom fields

From the Custom Fields menu

Visit the Forms > Custom Fields area and click Create a Custom Form Field. Configure your field properties and click Save.

On the fly

You can also create custom fields on the fly by clicking the Convert to new Custom Field button while editing a field in a form.

Once a field is converted to a Custom Field, you'll note that the field values are disabled, but you can always edit the new Custom Field by clicking the Edit Custom Field button to open a new browser tab/window.

Adding a custom field to your form

To use a custom field in a form, click the Add Field button and choose it from the Type dropdown. Custom fields will appear at the bottom of the field type list.

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