If you're managing your site content in Cascade CMS, you can enable the Clive integration to allow users to browse for and select Clive forms and Smart Content in the WYSIWYG.


  • Cascade CMS v8.13 or newer; or a Cascade Cloud client

  • An active Clive account

  • Please note IE11 is not supported by Clive; however, all modern browsers are supported.

Enable Clive integration in Cascade CMS

  • In Cascade CMS, navigate to Administration > Preferences > Integrations & Plugins.

  • Under Clive, select Enable Clive integration.

  • Click Submit.

Embed Clive content in your pages

  • In a WYSIWYG editor, click the Clive button in the toolbar. 

  • If you're already logged into Clive, your available Sites and associated content will be listed in the flyout. You can switch sites using the Site dropdown.

  • If you're not logged in, you can log in with your Clive account credentials from within the flyout.

  • Choose either Forms or Content and select the content you'd like to embed. Click the Preview links to preview the content in a new tab.

  • Click Insert. You'll see a placeholder image in the WYSIWYG until you preview your draft.

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